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The Dutch Energy Association is a non-profit, self-supporting, pro-active organization that is dedicated to promoting trade, investment, and business development between Mexico and The Netherlands in the energy sector. We do this by raising awareness of the unique capabilities of the Dutch business community among the key stakeholders in the Mexican energy sector, bringing emerging opportunities in the reformed Mexican energy market to the attention of Dutch business and political leaders, facilitating and accelerating the market entry of new entrants into the Mexican energy market, supporting Mexican companies in their pursuit of business opportunities in the Dutch market, intensifying the dialogue on key energy topics, and creating a platform for the business community to capitalize on opportunities for cooperation to address technological and operational challenges in the Mexican energy sector.


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The association of Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry and offshore renewable industry, is an independent non-profit organization with a member base of nearly 450 companies. The mission of IRO is to “maintain and strengthen the position of the Dutch Oil, Gas and Offshore Renewable industry by creating a level playing field for its members. ” The association aims at doing so by focusing on cost efficiency, innovation and sustainability. 

Being an affiliate of Dutch Energy Association, IRO cooperates on mutual topics of promoting trade, business development, as well as investment in the energy sector.



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Dutch Embassy

The Dutch Embassy and Dutch Energy Association collaborate closely to promote trade, investment and business development between Mexico and The Netherlands.

The Dutch Embassy and the Dutch Energy Association partner up in organizing trade missions to important events such as Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo and Offshore Energy in Amsterdam.

The Mexico-Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET) is a program meant for Dutch and Mexican managers employed in the energy sector. The aim of the training, which also consists of a two-week internship at a Dutch company, is to develop the understanding of how to do business internationally and to cultivate skills in order to improve economic relations. Dutch Energy Association supports the program, that has been initiated in July 2017.




Navingo is a Dutch media company active in the maritime and offshore energy sector. The media platforms of Navingo include international events, website and print titles. One of the international events hosted by the organization, is the Energy Offshore Exhibition & Conference in Amsterdam. This yearly event brings together over 650 companies and 11,500 professionals from the offshore energy industry.

Navingo and the Dutch Energy Association support each other in several events. 

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